Mobile TCM Treatment Services 

Basic TCM Treatment

Initial Treatment Session 2hrs – $130

      We begin by discussing the areas of health you would like to address.  Based on the information provided during the consultation, I make a diagnosis based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory and Principles.  A treatment strategy & plan is developed and implemented during this session, and if needed, any subsequent treatments.


Follow-up Sessions 1hr 15min – $95

      A finite series of TCM sessions outlined in your treatment plan customized to reach your goals of well-being.




All Basic Treatments may Include acupuncture, Moxibustion,, cupping, Gua Sha, Herbology, Dietary Recommendations, Qi gong or tai qi exercises,  & Meditation


The use, and manipulation, of fine sterile needles along acupoints of meridian lines to balance the flow of Qi in the body for optimal health.


The dried Chinese herb, Artemesia Agyi is lit, similar to a stick of incense, and used to warm & augment Qi flow.


Cups are applied to extravasate Qi blockages, thereby relieving areas of the body experiencing discomfort & pain

Gua Sha

Jade discs are repetitively applied to the meridians of the body  to bring about petechiae to release pathogenic factors, rebalance Qi, thereby relieving discomfort.

  Additional therapy services available:

Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation


1hr 15min

*Initial Herbal Consultation includes the price of herbs.

Pre-dating the 3rd century BCE, Chinese Herbal Medicine is considered one of the most cohesive herbal systems of the world.


  • Chinese herbs are very safe when prescribed correctly by a TCM trained and acreddited practitioner.
  • Blue Lotus TCM prescriptions are vegan friendly, and we abstain from dispensing any formulas with animal products (endangered or otherwise).




Acutonics Vibrational Sound Healing Treatment


1hr 15min

Acupressure massage uses precise finger pressure along acupoints of the body.

 Acutonics is a gentle, non-invasive  treatment that utilizes the healing vibrations of sound frequency from tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, and hand chimes to effect harmonization and healing.


  • Benefits individuals preferring an alternative to needles, or those sensitive to Qi/subtle energies.
  • Sound Healing has been known to promote qi flow in the body, relax muscular tension, stimulate the body’s healing process, reduce joint pain and swelling, and promote sound sleep.

TCM Nutrition Therapy


1hr 15min

Food is our daily medicine.  

TCM Nutrition Therapy takes into account the energetic properties of food to prevent disharmony and treat existing conditions.

TCM diet involves:

  • selecting foods according to individual constitutions
  • ingesting foods of various colours & flavours, energies & actions
  • being aware of the energies involved from the preparation of the food  to the enjoyment of receiving the nourishment from our food, while we eat contentedly and peacefully.

When the diet becomes imbalanced for a long period of time it may cause disharmony in associated organ systems.